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Tubes Artists Gallery Exhibits Clare Thatchers latest paintings

Clare Thatcher

Is a contemporary artist that TUBES has featured in painters TUBES magazine on a number of occasions. Here is what she has to say about her Art:

This exhibition has now closed. Please view the video below:

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“My work is deeply connected with a sense of place.The locations I choose and the focus of my attention are highly selective, personal and resonant of individual landscape features, associated thoughts, emotions and reflections.

Central to my practice is the use of pure colour which I make from pigment. I select a limited palette and through the impact of both colour and surface I aim to capture the mood and sensation of an ever changing landscape.

These paintings, a continuing series; are my response to particular landscape features that make reference to transition and the consequences of perpetual flux, and which have had a profound effect on me whilst walking through coastal and tidal areas.”

“ I choose subject matter that evokes a very strong, emotional, felt response of natural elements that have a profound effect on me.”

I have to capture and make work about. It can be in a specific location, I can access and revisit, each time experiencing something new with fresh eyes. Or places I visit just the once and remains in my memory and my drawings.

There is a cross over in these different places, which creates a common thread, working in a continuing series. ‘Sense of Place’ and ‘Spirit of Place’ series are strongly influenced by revisiting the Tate St Ives and the surrounding area. Drawing and observing in particular the landscape and geological forms of Wilhelmina Barnes-Graham works. Rocks, St Mary’s Scilly Isles, 1953, Rock Theme (St Just). ‘Unconscious Place’ series of works on paper are in response to my time at PADA Studios, Barreiro, Lisbon Portugal September 2019, Turps/PADA Residency. I select a palette I have felt when in a place. My line drawings in charcoal or pencil suggest colour to me, capturing the mood and sensation transporting me back there.”

Ultimate Luxurious paintings by Clare Thatcher

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