Superb abstract artist found accidently by painters TUBES.

Massimo Bollani

Written by Spike for painters TUBES blog

I found the work of Massimo Bollani by accident whilst researching another artist in painters TUBES magazine. In fact that artist (Francesa Brivio) was a student of Massimo. My first impression of the Massimo painting was – Luxurious –  to steal a description of a painting by Matisse. Even though these works are far from Matisse in form. The painter has worked for many years as art teacher in Italy. His previous works covered the entire painting genré, from landscape to figuration. And as I discovered through Paolo Parente, a critic in Italy, he was very taken with the vibrant colours of the Fauves (and the group known as the Nabis, led by Maurice Denis).

The abstract paintings shown in the painters TUBES magazine review are taken from a recent exhibition. The work has ‘guts’ and ‘power’ and I really fell for it – despite never having seen the originals. I suspect the application of paint is mostly by palette knife and with impasto quantity by design. It’s obvious the composition is considered and the colour positioned to gain the most out of what appears simplistic. I would love one of these paintings on my wall and I’m sure many readers would also not object if they were gifted one too.

Below is an extract from an exhibition catalogue written Paolo Parente

“This a true painter, he disassembles, translates, transforms, projects then reassembles in a torturous style all of the forces of one of the greatest mysteries; that of our existence. Massimo doesn’t communicate this, he expresses it with volcanic hot tones, fiery yellows and burning earths, reds and oranges. Interrupted by deep melancholic tones and occasional splashes of refreshing ultramarine and turquoise. Hot colours, tormented, luminous, obscure. Mysterious signs full of strength and sensitivity these are the latest works presented by Bollani. A painter with an illustrious past in portraiture and landscapes. As time passes, Bollani has typically painted his landscapes more frequently using a “Fauves” psychedelic palette, until it becomes the reason to examine the shapeless forms. An Artist both contemporarily modern and traditional.

Modern because of his connection to the early twentieth century German Abstractionism; and the International non-representational style of the 1950’s. Traditional, because of his closeness to the fortuitous prophetic practices normally carried out by Ancient populations. All this reconnects to Massimo Bollani, to his dense and mysterious universe and to his pictorial hypothesis. An hypothesis in which a peaceful vision of the world bloodily shatters during it’s poetic release, made of act and matter in perpetual prophecy. Act and Matter full of violent passion that is purified in the act of painting.”

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