Manchester 2020 Exhibition - Princess Street Gallery
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Shaun, Lee and Denis Taylor at Fiddlers Ferry

Part two. the Fiddlers Ferry Art Project. 2017-2022

Exhibition Two – Lee Harrison, photography

The Fiddlers Ferry is a major art projects of two Artists (Lee Harrison and Shaun Smyth) and painters TUBES Gallery art curator and consultant Denis Taylor. 

The project was started over three years ago. The ambition of the project was to record the changing environment of the North West England. Fiddlers Ferry is part two, of four parts, of this ambitious art project that has run from 2015 through to 2025. One decade of Art.

The photographer Lee Harrison was aware of the work that Shaun Smyth had began withthe Mersey Gateway Bridge 2015. That part of the project was completed towards the end of 2018 and exhibited at the Brindley Theatre Gallery. Lee Harrison, joined the creative team as photographer to add another dimension to the second part of the project. That was to be Fiddlers Ferry Power Station. Shaun, Lee and Denis ( who had been involved since 2019 as the editor for painters TUBES®) worked closely together to bring the first and the second part of the project to reality. Fiddlers Ferry (#1) is now shown by painter TUBES® in this VR gallery in two sections, with both monotone and colour, drawings and photography. The selected work is curated over in two galleries, one for Shaun and one for Lee and over four rooms.

The Fiddlers Ferry Exhibition will be installed at the Warrington Art Gallery and Museum in June 2022. 

A preliminary catalogue is available delivered by post for £10 (go to The full exhibition will be exhibited at the Warrington Art and History Museum opening June 2022.

Below is part two with Lee Harrison, photography in black and white and colour

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