Manchester 2020 Vision. the Quay Street Gallery Aug-Sept

NEW exhibition – Scroll down to visit the exhibition.

Quay Street Gallery is one of the galleries in the Manchester 2020 vision exhibition art project. This show is the second of 12 exhibitions, that run from June 20 -2021 to March 2022.

This huge project is both Virtual Reality with a Premiere in a High Street Venue. The artists are selcted and/or invited from the VR exhibitions. The venue for the high street exhibition is a 12000 square foot space located in the famous Barton Arcade, Manchester City Central, UK – National and international exceptionally talented Artists. The premiere is scheduled for 15th April 2022.

Click on the enter button to view the Exhibition – follow the instructions to take the window to full screen. We highly recommend you use Chrome or Firefox as the browser and to gain the best experience view this show on a Laptop, Desktop, iPad or Android Slate.

painters TUBES gallery is part of painters TUBES® Artist publications. You can also visit our Partner Company and fellow Artists Promoter and Sponsors, British Art Exhibitions by visiting the dedicated Manchester 2020 Vision website by clicking here

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