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Andrew Smith Contemporary Abstract Artist

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By the beginning of the twentieth century the Western world had progressed technologically, up to a point where the future seemed as if all the problems of the previous centuries would be solved. Machines had mobilised society with efficient transportation systems. Power (electric and gas) was available at the switch of a button, clean water was piped directly to all citizens homes, new sewage systems cleaned up the environment of the City, improved infrastructures led to vast company profits and the population followed behind it.

20th Century Art and artists reflected a complex society with advances in image making and celebrated it by producing work that looked and felt ‘modern.’ The Art world was on the cusp of change, one which it never seen before. Abstract Art was realised in Western Society in the early part of the 20th century, it began in Europe and spread to the ‘new World.’ Abstract Expressionism was about to conquer the world.

American Abstract Expression was the name given after a informal group of painters objected to the USA Art Academies favouring European artists and not giving American contemporary painters a look in on major national exhibitions. A letter was sent to the Metropolitan Museum objecting to their bias, it was signed by the leaders among them were: Adolph Gottlieb, Robert Motherwell, William Baziotes, Hans Hoffman Barnett Newman Clyfford Still Jackson Pollock Mark Rothko Willem de Kooning and Heda Sterne. They were then given the title of the irracibles – by a hostile NYC press. Today we recognise these Artists under the Abstract Expressionists title.

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