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painters TUBES gallery new art exhibition season starts September 2023

New Art Exhibition Season starts September 24 2023.

painters TUBES gallery is delighted to be the main host for TAG the bi-monthly journal published by painters TUBES® And our second show is Crow-Plague-Fire a preview of the exhibition by Barbara Hope Steinberg opening premiere on 24 November 2023 at the Original Gallery in Norh London, UK.

Both these exhibitions are now Open Click the links below to visit the Exhibitions

Left image – TAG 11 exhibition – now click here to go to the exhibition.
Right image: Crow-Plague-Fire. Preview of the Exhibition in London. Preview Show Now Open Click Here to go to the Exhibition

painters TUBES gallery will also be featuring new work from our most admired Artists over the last few years from the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Argentina and Australia.

We now have two purpose designed art galleries created by Icon (Germany) which we show on our partner platform Kunstmatrix, a specialist new media organisation based in Europe.

For each exhibition there shall be supporting publications which will be available online and in print. Details will be found on our subscribe pages (that page is being publishing soon).

The two main platforms that are dedicated to specific global areas consist of two publications. Painters TUBES magazine and TAG- painters TUBES UK (Journal)

The magazine is currently published on, with TAG scheduled for publishing on platform in the fall. To be the first to be invited to our FREE to enter exhibitions register as a FRIEND of painters TUBES by completing the form below…looking forward to seeing you at the shows.

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