Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy 6th Form Art Exhibition 2021

new generation artists exhibition

“…this exhibition is now closed. There were 27 Student Artists with over 50 works in 4 Rooms and two Galleries. From 4 July to 4 September 2021. This was the first exhibition for the UK Acadeny School – Ormiston Bolingbroke Art Faculty. The Faculty were the driving force behind this Virtual Reality groundbreaking exhibition. The Pandemic changed many things, some for worse some for the better as regards to Culture and Art.

This exhibition was one example of Artists and Organisations working closely together to overcome physical issues of the restrictions imposed by Government intervention in trying to allivate the spread of a Virus.

The pandemic was stopped in its tracks by inoculations – and clearly. if one reads the data, not the locking up of an entire society. painters TUBES® and myself have been delighted to have worked with the students art digitally for both shows and the catalogue, to bring the work to the attention of the public. This demonstrates that the Art of the humankind continues despite all the obstacles. A printed copy of the catalogue has been distributed by the School to the Students for them to use for future employment and for posterity.”

Quoted by Denis Taylor, in discussion about Art – Denis Taylor is an Artist, Writer and Founder of painters TUBES magazine and painters TUBES gallery ©2013 -©2016 painters TUBES® is a registered brand – all rights reserved ©2021

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