Make paintings look at us

Make paintings look at us.. it’s skin deep, is an exhibition of the French Master Artist Bruno Dufour-Coppolani. painters TUBES gallery is delighted to present his work in our pupose designed art space.

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Here is an extract from an article written by Bruno for painters TUBES magazine. You can view a full critical review of the artists work (FREE ONLINE FOR ONE MONTH) go to READLY.COM here

make paintings look at us
The artists installation at St Nicholas Church – France

Here I am standing before the mirror reassured that nothing changes.

…A pimple pops up or a wrinkle is revealed and everything changes. In this focus, as one would say in photography, the immutable shape of my head has become the unstable surface of my skin. A change of state, a change of time, I have gone from an uneventful present to an uncertain future. Seeing my head I do not see my skin, seeing my skin I no longer see my head. As form and surface cannot be apprehended together, as present and future cannot be experienced simultaneously, it is understandable that painting has chosen for so long to forget the epidermis in favour of the anatomy. In a portrait that aims to eternalize the present, the skin would appear as an offence. It is because the skin always brings us back to finitude.

By Bruno Dufour-Coppolani

Sara Rossberg in painters TUBES magazine

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