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painters TUBES galleries were established to compliment and enhance painters TUBES publications. And to assist Artists exhibit paintings to art collectors, art galleries and art academic organisations. The Galleries carry solo and group exhibitions. There are three purpose designed galleries which have individual character.

about painters TUBES galleries

Each Exhibition mounted will showcase the artists appearing in the magazine and the journal, plus a specialist genre of art (abstract paintings). These galleries will provide, collectors & commercial galleries the opportunity to view the Art in a realistic gallery situation.

The Skandinavian Gallery.

This is a beautiful gallery for accomplished artists solo exhibitions. (Images below)

The TAG Gallery.

This gallery is designed for a modern ‘bright’ looking space that will show mixed shows.

The Abstract Gallery.

This gallery is over two rooms painted in the colour anthracite specifically to show abstract paintings. It’s modern and clean with long windows to let in the light.

painters TUBES galleries are purpose designed with the ability to be viewed full screen on laptops, desktops, pads and slates. The space follows a 21st century new art presentation model and allows access for global audiences. Each image in the gallery holds information about the artist and the art. The art can be purchased by collectors by contacting painters TUBES®

All the art shown in the gallery are originals and carry a painters TUBES® authenticated certification with the provenance. All paintings can be shipped globally with a guarantee of satisfaction of the purchaser.

All the artwork shown in TUBES galleries is created by accomplished artists selected by painters TUBES publications.


Artists can submit to participate by email or by sending a folder of examples using the free platform with the recipient marked as: However, In the first instance artists should use the form below.

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