Great Retrospective – the Art of Steve Capper

Great Retrospective of the Art of Steve Capper

Steve Capper is an English Artist who centres his focus on Northern English Landscape and Still Life paintings. Steve been creating unique art for many years. painters TUBES magazine were among the first to feature the artists work on a global level. This was only the third issue of the new specialists painters TUBES magazine in 2017. The Editor of TUBES (Denis Taylor) visited Steve at his studio in Northern England in 2016.

Read the full story of the Editors visit in painters TUBES magazine issue 3 – Free online please click here…

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painter TUBES issue Three 2016/2017
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Below is an extract from the interview with Steve Capper and the Editor (Denis Taylor) of painters TUBES magazine issue number 3…

“Those of you that are regular gallery exhibition goers, then Steve Capper’s work will be more than familiar to you. I’d seen Steve’s distinctive paintings in a few Galleries in and around Manchester for a number of years (at least I thought I had). Truth be told, I first viewed his work by way of a contact I’d made with him quite a number of years ago. I was trying to gather artists from the Manchester High School of Art together as a group and create an exhibition of ex-pupils, of which I was one. Steve was enthusiastic about it, but that idea never really got off the ground due to a lack of interest and the reluctance for any of the other ex-pupils the make an effort to bring the project into a reality. It’s sad how many a good (art grouping) idea falls by the wayside because people simply can’t be bothered to put any effort into a project, if it doesn’t benefit them directly. 

Many years later our path, or rather my path and Steve’s work, was to cross again. This time it was a result of research for an article I was writing for the International Art Market Magazine, one that was tracing the Art of the North West of England from 1900 to 2016. 

During my research, and by coincidence, I saw an example of his work in the Contemporary Six Gallery in central Manchester. His work was easy to spot as Steve’s style is so distinctive that sometimes an experienced artists eye tends not to look at the work in depth, but rather just scan the surface to identify the style, something many artists are guilty of. A year or so after that coincidental path crossing I was attended the opening of the Gateway Gallery exhibition “A Reappraisal of the Northern School of Art’ which was held last November (2016)…”

You can read the full story of the Editors visit to interview Steve Capper in painters TUBES magazine issue 3 – (Free online) please please click here…

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