Great New Exhibition – Art from the Northern Heartlands-2022

vist this Great New Exhibition

Great New Exhibition – Art from the Northern Heartlands-2022. There are many artists, in particular painters, that maintain a connection to the original grouping of what some individuals called the Northern School Artists. Many of the living artists in the North of England seemed to be gathered together by association of subject matter rather than any sort of style. The artists representing Galleries inclination was to marry the work of the painters of the past mixed with displays of contemporary painters.

Commercial Galleries

Northern commercial galleries rarely exhibit new works that are, what you could call, risk taking or exploratory contemporary art works. Which is quite the opposite standpoint of art galleries in London or even on mainland Europe or indeed in the United States. There are exceptions to this general observation, of course, and perhaps one or two artists and maybe the odd Gallery in the North of England, do take a risk with exhibiting challenging exploratory Art but they are rare. Many Northern English based painters believe that they are Artists first and foremost, that just happen to be a resident (or born) in the North of England. Far more so than a wish to be labelled as a ‘Northern Art’ disciple, as they may have been in the past. It is also a possibility that the reputation and current commercial popularity of the past (by the now long gone Northern Master Artists) are metaphorically holding todays artists back from developing their own vital and dynamic creative impulses? Even though in their own day they were seem as almost, revolutionary.

L.S Lowry – Father and two sons

Some of the present day painters still elect to create paintings which are derived (by subject matter, if not the same style) from the art that is now a familiar to most gallery goers in the North of England. Collectors of these images of are becoming few and far between. And the new the buildings and the architecture of the cities and towns are dramatically changing. As is the culture of the new generation. The industrial past and it the heritage ingrained in the poeple is a fading memory and the new dymanic art is replacing the flat caps and chiney stacks of a pevious century.

painters TUBES magazine dispels that lingering belief that Artists practising their painting in the North of England are stuck in a sort of L.S.Lowry groove, and by showing both the past and present art in the new issue of painters TUBES magazine we do hope to show that as a fact. 

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