Experience the stunning art of Sara Rossberg

Experience the stunning art of Sara Rossberg is both a VR exhibition and a feature in painters TUBES magazine – Get One Month totally Free now online at Readly.com

I use the words ‘accomplished artist’ infrequently when discussing the work of painters in painters TUBES magazine. In this instance I should like to add that Sara’s art is not only accomplished, but absolutely stunning.” Denis Taylor- Artist and Editor for painters TUBES magazine.

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About the Artist

After 5 years in the Stadel Academy, in 1976, Sara decided to enrol at Camberwell College in London on a two year Post Graduate course. Her admiration for Van Eyck and Vermeer led her to use classical mediums. Egg Tempera and oil was an obvious choice to achieve the sort of feel and look that old masters art (Dutch or otherwise) achieved in their work. Subject wise, the human form always played an important part in her painting and as her experience and technique advanced using just the tempera medium gave her the understanding of how to build an image in many layers applied one on top of another. Gradually a former decision of not using references for her work, but rather relying of her imagination, changed as she focused on the ‘finish’ of the painting. She then discovered that by using an acrylic medium mixed with pure pigment gave a totally fresh look to her work. A seminal moment came in the shape of a one of artworks that was sold in a gallery. The image was again a figure, but in the composition Sara had introduced a dog.

Sara was fortunate to meet up with the actual buyer and being curious asked why they had chosen that particular painting. The owners of her work explained that it was the dog in the painting that reminded them of loved pet and it was almost identical to the one they once had. In other words it was an emotional purchase, not really an artistic one.

Sara decided that she needed to go deeper in subject matter and began painting with more intensity than she previously may have done. Today that seminal moment has given us the bank of work that is now shown in painters TUBES magazine, and it is the same intensity that personally felt when I first view Sara’s work. I believe Sara’s Art is a new way of painting and in that she has reached her goal. For over twenty years, I believe the artists has produced the proof of this with the work itself.

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