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Now showing below the new Tubes gallery. Spread over two exhibition spaces. For the best experience click the three lines below to take the exhibition to Full Screen

Here at painters TUBES magazine we had long planned (about 10 years) to launch a Virtual Reality presence. That of course started with our wonderful flip magazine platform and grew into the first steps into Virtual Reality Showcase Gallery. Of course we kept our toe in the real world and maintained printing TUBES issues with an almost religious fervour. As the Founder and the Editor it has been my conviction to “Print Magazines and be dammed.” and Keep the Online Magazine Free to Read – at all costs – in the tradition of a sort of crazy publishing self proclaimed unchangeable edict of an artistic lunatic. But this year I am sorry to say that will change.

To keep the Print Publication alive, as it was a case of Printed Version to be Scrapped or Online to become the financial source of our independence as an Art publisher without advertisements. I voted for the later rather than the former. Printed magazines will be £60 per year for the new 80+ page magazine published 4 times a year, that’s 352 pages (one for every day of the year) of unique content and excellent Art. And the subscribers will receive the new issues online code and access to the back issues.

New Online Platform – As of the upcoming new issue (#21 publishing April 3rd) our current and new readers can purchase the online version of painters Tubes magazine for £4.00 – And the back copies of painters TUBES from #1 to #20 for £2 per issue. Both published on our new online platform.

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About the upcoming issue #21. ” From Ash Can to Soup Can.

The new issue lead article is about the development of painting from realism to abstraction. It discussers the painters based in the USA and how they were influenced by the European movements in Art. It follows route that travels from the painters like Robert Henri through to Mark Rothko. The issue will also feature of number of accomplished contemporary abstract painters such as, Brian Rutenberg and Barbara Steinberg, Cherie Grist, who has recently been gaining attention in the USA and Japan as well as her native UK base. Plus two more superb painters. The new issue will be published at the end of March and the 3rd April for printed issue: reserve a printed magazine by emailing here mark you subject as .#21 Reserve Printed Copy

EXHIBITION 10 of the Best. Art from ten painters TUBES issues 8 to issue 17

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