Barbara Hope Steinberg. In Time of Plague. 2 rooms with 41 paintings

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Barbara Hope Steing Berg - In Time of Plague. 2 rooms with 41 paintings
Barbara Hope Steingberg. In Time of Plague. 2 rooms with 41 paintings

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Barbara Hope Steinberg. In Time of Plague. 2 rooms with 41 paintings

The exbition will run from 9th October to 30 December 2022. For the best Art experience painters TUBES recommend Safari, Chrome or Firefox web browsers. Click ‘Enter’ then click again on the three menu lines to the right and then click Full Screen. Use your mouse or the arrows (on the bottom right or your keyboard) to move around the exhibition.

About the ARTIST

Barbara Hope Steinberg in her Studio
The Artist painting in her studio

Barbara Hope Steinberg was born in Philadelphia in 1943. From a very young age, she spent evenings and weekends studying in various art schools in the city, eventually being awarded both art and academic scholarships to Smith College in Massachusetts. Whilst at Smith, she won a scholarship to the Yale University Summer School of Art and Music. On graduating from Smith, she received a grant to study sculpture in England, first with Ralph Brown at the West of England College of Art, then privately with Michael Ayrton in London. She returned briefly to America, to teach sculpture and take a Master of Fine Arts Degree at California State University at Long Beach. In 1970, Steinberg returned to live permanently in London. After spending some twenty years making sculpture, she returned to painting. Since then, she has exhibited in many group shows throughout the UK. She has also had several one-person exhibitions, including yearly solo shows at the Signal Gallery, Hoxton, from 2007until 2014.

When the Covid 19 pandemic struck, Steinberg became preoccupied with both its nature and its implications for the future. She produced a series of over forty paintings on this theme, entitled ‘In Time of Plague’. This exhibition is comprised of these paintings. 

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