about painters TUBES gallery 2022

painters TUBES gallery was established to compliment and enhance painters TUBES magazine issues.

Exhibition of 32 paintings in painters TUBES gallery

about painters TUBES gallery 2022

Each Exhibition mounted will showcase the artists apprearing in the magazine and will provide, collectors & commercial galleries the opportunity to view the Art in a realistic gallery situation. Generally the showcases will be three or more artists.

painters TUBES magazine is published online and in print. To subscribe to the publication please go to our magazine subscription page…click here:

painters TUBES gallery is purpose designed with the ability to be viewed full screen on laptops, desktops, pads and slates. The space follows the 21st century new art presentation and allows access for a global audience. Each image in the gallery holds information about the artist and the art. The art can be purchased by collectors by contacting Denis Taylor at painters TUBES magazine (click here). All the art shown in the gallery are originals and have been authenticated. All art can be shipped globally.

The work has been created by accomplished artists whom are selected by TUBES editor and artist. Artists can apply to participate in this gallery (and magazine) by completing the form below.