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Let’s Re-Start the Art Future…together

World Art Exhibitions & painters TUBES magazine art project 2021

THE BIG DISEASE WITH A LITTLE NAME…The year of C19 has been a deflationary period within the spirit of human enterprise.

…confidence in the future took a nosedive across the whole of society in the UK in 2020. The machinery of money-making rested in the financial industry in the main and in most cases, other business activity went full-on digital. Working from home became the norm.


The over riding song and chorus of ‘let’s wait and see what happens’ became entrenched into the psyche of the majority of the population. And this unadventurous attitude towards future plans and future artistic endeavours seemed totally ubiquitous among artists. The more that joined in with the chorus the more entrenched it became

Let’s not fool ourselves, in our sector, the Art business (that means selling paintings in order to fund the future artist’s paintings) was affected dramatically. Of course, there were reports on the up-take of online purchases, but when one goes through the reality of those numbers it’s the ‘Big-Boys’ (Auction Houses and multinational galleries) that adapted and benefitted from a literally captive audience – And to some extent the established painters (selling at 10K plus) did OK. But for the artist whose work commands less than 7K and as low as 500 GBP – Then the activity severely decreased. Despite providers, such as ourselves offering platforms and promotional expertise at ‘no-brainer’ cost levels. Now as the ‘Jab’ is gathering momentum, public confidence will return…Artists need to show the way back to enjoyment of life with Art.

painters TUBRES re-start 2021 art project


World Art Exhibitions, TAG and painters TUBES gallery joined forces and mapped out a program that artists should sit up and take notice of.

The program is established and is formed around expert marketeers, publicists, promotional platforms for artists catalogues, City Venues in three major UK venues, and a VR Gallery that ties in with the ‘real-life’ bricks and mortar venues exhibiting pop-up shows. 


We need artists to start preparing Now for September when the program starts. The first Exhibition is in Manchester (as a kick-off) quickly followed by Edinburgh and then London with repeat programs in the other major cities in the UK through to 2023. 

All artists need to Submit and will be selected by WAE & TAG

Artists need to have joined the WAF scheme or the TAG-TUBES VR program All artists must be accomplished – Because it is important, we only receive submissions from Artists that are Serious artists who are Serious about the Future of Art.

 Full details shall be posted on in the coming days on www.worldartexhibitions.com www.worldartfinance.com + www.painterstubes.com and www.tag-tubes.com

Artists you can always contact painters Tubes Editor (Denis) on WhatsApp or FaceBook messenger  ‘FREE phone’ painters TUBES for an informal chat. 0046761919007

Let’s Re-Start the Art Future – Together 

painters TUBRES re-start 2021 art project
the restart art project for 2021
painters TUBES artists gallery in the UK

read about the artist David Tycho on Tubes Gallery here

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2021 its now time to re-start the Art Future

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